You understand your staff and the business impact you need to make. We take the time to listen and use our experience to guide you on the best learning solution. Our consultants design and deliver bespoke learning solutions tailored to your needs.

Explore some of our learning solution types below.


Joining an organisation is a significant decision made by both the employee and the business. An induction program is the one chance you get to start new employees off on the right foot so it’s vital the induction program engages, motivates and sets the right direction from day one. A positive induction experience builds a strong link between the employee and the organisation, which returns a greater level of commitment and contribution for the business.

We design induction programs that:

  • Reinforce a new starter’s decision to join your organisation.
  • Take advantage of a new starter’s high levels of receptivity to information
  • Create a positive expectation for other learning experiences to follow


Compliance is often seen as something that is not relevant; something done to “tick a box”. This mindset does not create a risk-aware, competent and safe workforce. We believe compliance training should spark curiosity, build motivation and foster the courage to explore, play and connect the dots to gain a deep understanding of how an employee’s actions contribute to the integrity of the business.

At easyA, we design compliance training that:

  • Sparks a passion within the employee to protect the business, respond to an ever-changing environment and provide for a sustainable future
  • Tells an authentic story relevant to the employee’s role
  • Simulates on the job application of compliance principles through interactive scenarios
  • Provides a robust assessment framework for proof of compliance
  • Can fast-track learners who genuinely know enough about compliant behaviour


In a world of global competition, companies whose staff provide an outstanding experience to their customers have a distinct advantage over the rest.

We design customer experience and sales training that:

  • Mirrors real-world sales and service situations
  • Tasks the learner with applying sales and service principles in experiential simulations
  • Takes the learner down multiple paths that develop organically to reflect actual customer conversations
  • Tracks decisions and links results to sales and service competencies


Whether you are rolling out new software for an existing workforce or introducing new starters to existing software, effective system simulation training is critical to achieving business goals and to reducing support calls. Effective system simulation training is greater than simply training on a computer application. Your business systems may incorporate offline processes and decision-making so we take a holistic view of the ‘system’ to ensure that the training gives employees a clear view of the role they play in your organisation.

We design system simulation training that:

  • Contextualises the learning through real-life scenarios employees will face on the job
  • Employs a three-phased Learn it, Try it, Assess it strategy that develops mastery by building on a strong foundation
  • Uses remedial feedback to explain the consequences of mistakes and to reinforce best practice
  • Is consistent across the business, eliminating variations in the usual informal, ad-hoc, over-the-shoulder style of systems and application training
  • Provides quick reference guides for just-in-time access on the job


Leading an organisation is hard work but great leaders know they need to stay at the cutting edge. This means continuously developing leadership skills. Effective leadership development extends beyond a “one size fits all” training approach. We design personalised materials that meet the individual needs of a business leader. This may include brief eLearning pieces supported by respected industry articles, downloadable podcasts and short video lessons.

We design leadership development training that:

  • Challenges the leader to keep them sharp and focused
  • Delivers thought-provoking content from respected and proven industry sources
  • Is available on demand, anywhere and anytime
  • Prepares the leader for the challenges of tomorrow


Self-paced elearning offers many advantages but there are times when a blended learning approach may be more appropriate. easyA can discuss blended learning options that combine a variety of learning and development tools to achieve business objectives. Some examples include:

  • Creating a learning ‘campaign’ by developing internal marketing materials and internal social media to drive organisational excitement and change around the learning program.
  • Supporting workplace coaching through ‘coaching cards’ for managers to embed new leadership processes.
  • Creating facilitator and learner guides to ensure that face-to-face training is consistent and engaging across the organisation.


In an increasingly complex workplace it’s just not possible to train staff in everything they will need to know to do their jobs. Think about your own work – when you need some information to do your job, do you:

  • Go to the LMS and find an elearning course to hopefully find the information you need, or
  • Ask a colleague or do a Google/ YouTube search to find out what to do?

Chances are, it’s the latter. It’s quicker, easier, and likely to give you exactly the information you need.

Performance support aims to meet the ‘just-in-time’ training requirements of your people by providing a range of information at their fingertips. The aim is to make it just as quick and easy for people to refer to performance support tools as it is to ask a colleague.

Examples of performance support include:

  • Printable ‘quick reference guides’ that people can keep next to their desk to outline complex processes or decision-making pathways.
  • Intranet portals to quickly access system simulations to give just-in-time instruction for how to use new enterprise software.
  • A suite of remedial learning bites which managers can send to supervisors to correct identified performance shortcomings.

Adding a performance support element to your blended learning solution can:

  • Reduce the amount of seat time that your people need to spend in training.
  • Increase learner satisfaction with the training solution that’s provided – because it provides training as it’s needed and therefore is perceived to be more relevant and useful.
  • Provides performance support, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Drives organisational consistency by providing a ‘one true source’ of knowledge within the organisation.


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