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  • Elearning Simulation
    Learning Simulations
    Simulation Australia
    Simulation Apps
    Change Behaviour, Habits and Mind-Set
    Understanding root causes of challenges and developing
    innovative solutions positively changes behaviour, habits
    and mind-set to enable consistent achievement of results.
  • Elearning Online
    Elearning Providers
    Elearning Development
    Learning Applications
    Custom Elearning Solutions
    Return on Expectation
    Innovative eLearning solutions that have continuously
    proven themselves as meeting user’s business learning
    objectives with the highest Return on Expectation (ROE).
  • Elearning Gamification
    LMS in Australia
    Instructor Led Training
    Mobile Lms
    Custom Elearning
    We Are Easy To Work With
    We are always focusing on the question
    “how can I make it easy for my client?”
  • Learning Apps
    Custom Elearning Process
    Elearning Development Company
    Custom Elearning Technology
    Higher Knowledge Retention
    Improved process accuracy and decision making
    ability with gamification and engaging simulations
    designed for Higher Knowledge Retention.
  • Gamification Learning
    Game Based Elearning
    Gamification Learner Engagement
    Improve Process Compliance
    Understand process issues and develop innovative
    process simulations and games that positively
    changing behaviour and fostering compliance.

We design innovative learning solutions that change the mind-set, habits and behaviours to deliver consistent results in line with business expectations.

We are always focusing on the question: “How can I make it easy for my client?”

We STAND FOR delivering quality solutions, on time, on budget, painlessly and brilliantly.

Our Products

Metamorphosis Elearning

Imagine developing e-learning courses in just days rather than weeks or months. Metamorphosis does just that!


Raptivity Interactivity Authoring Tool

Effective educative interactions facilitate successful learning. Raptivity® is the world's foremost Interactivity builder.


LMS Elearning
Learning Management System

Easy Authoring’s Learning Management System (LMS) hosting service allows educators to start using a virtual learning environment without worrying about the technical aspects.