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  • Change Behaviour, Habits And Mind-Set
    Understanding root causes of challenges and developing
    innovative solutions positively changes behaviour, habits
    and mind-set to enable consistent achievement of results
  • Return on Expectation
    Innovative eLearning solutions that have continuously
    proven themselves as meeting user’s business learning
    objectives with the highest
    Return on Expectation (ROE)
  • We Are Easy To Work With
    We are always focusing on the question
    “how can I make it easy for my client?”
  • Higher Knowledge Retention
    Improved process accuracy and decision
    making ability with gamification and engaging
    simulations designed for Higher Knowledge Retention
  • Improve Process Compliance
    Understand process issues and develop innovative
    process simulations and games that positively
    changing behaviour and fostering compliance

We design innovative learning solutions that change mind-set, habits and behaviours to deliver consistent results in line with business expectations.

We are always focusing on the question: “How can I make it easy for my client?”

We STAND FOR delivering Quality solutions, On time, On budget, Painlessly and Brilliantly.

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Imagine developing e-learning courses in just days rather than weeks or months. Metamorphosis does just that!



Effective educative interactions facilitate successful learning. Raptivity® is the world's foremost Interactivity builder


Learning Management System

Easy Authoring’s Learning Management System (LMS) hosting service allows educators to start using a virtual learning environment without worrying about the technical aspects