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Key Aspects to Stand Out in the Job Market!

Applying for a new role can be a very daunting experience! The anticipation of seeking out a fresh position, discovering what truly resonates with your interests and the entire process of embarking on something new gives a feeling of setting out on an unexplored path.

While there are several ways to navigate this process, we have listed down some of the key aspects that will help you understand how to go about the job application process and see if the role is the right fit for you.

Why this is important? Well, sometimes we might think it’s just another role and the process are the same or maybe our prior experience is enough to stand out.  While some of these assumptions hold strong, it’s not always right.

In today’s dynamic job market, where countless roles are advertised daily and candidates from diverse backgrounds are sending in their best CVs, it’s essential not only to stand out but also to align yourself with the expectations of the hiring managers to secure the position.

Here are the key skills and competencies:

Technical Skills:

These skills encompass your proficiency and knowledge in the technical aspects of the role. For example, analytic, programming, developing, testing, designing skills which allows you to generate and construct the essential components needed for the role.

Soft Skills:

Apart from the technicalities, there are other skills that encompass your communication style, listening abilities, time management, and rapport-building skills.  These are soft skills which go hand in hand with your technical expertise to drive success in the role.


The hiring manager will want to understand the underlying driving force behind your application. They seek to determine if the role resonates with your interests and, equally crucially, with the objectives of the organisation. This could comprise of your enthusiasm for the field, your connection to the cause, or your quest for something different. In any case, they are keen to uncover what drives and motivates you.


While it’s crucial to articulate and list down the above points, it’s equally imperative to showcase your past accomplishments. The hiring manager is keen to assess how you’ve excelled in previous roles and the tangible results of your work.

By narrowing down the specific attributes and skills that the hiring manager is seeking, you’re positioning yourself ahead. This understanding empowers you to craft a tailored profile, showcasing your relevant skills and experiences that closely match the requirements of the role you’re eyeing.

We at easyA are here to walk the journey with you through the process and make it a lot less daunting and instead an enriching experience for you!

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