Mismatch or Missed Opportunity? How to overcome eLearning blocks?

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Most of the eLearning developers have plans to create interesting eLearning courses that engage and inspires learners to learn confidently. Yet the efforts of the developers go berserk sometimes due to some reasons.

We come across many eLearning modules that are mere content dumps or mere PowerPoint presentations disguised as eLearning modules. Inspite of creating an enjoyable eLearning experience, these virtual lessons stamp a wrong impression on first time learners.

Apart from the wrong impression, it also creates a mental block for many users to adopt eLearning.

So, how do you address these issues while developing an eLearning module? What steps do you take to avoid such instances?

First let’s try to find out the mistakes rampantly found in many eLearning modules. Most often the mistakes fall into these four categories:

  • Failure to get the attention of the learner
  • Use of irrelevant content
  • Lack of confidence
  • and failing to satisfy the need of the learner

On a further scrutiny of failed eLearning courses, we see why users are de-motivated instead of enjoying the eLearning course.

Shoddy presentation

In a face-to-face training, trainer presents information in the way understood by learners. But in case of eLearning, there is no presenter to guide users. To offset the absence of presenter, you should organize the structure of eLearning to present the information in a meaningful way.

Dull writing style

Very often organization cut cost by using in-house employee to write content for eLearning course. While this will save cost, it can also result in sloppy content that bores readers. Instead hire an experienced writer who can inject life into your content.

So, how do you rate your existing eLearning content? Does it deliver the desired punch? If no, it’s time to update it with an extra doze of custom made eLearning content.

Ambiguous learning objectives

Abstract learning objectives often results in ambiguity or gives unclear picture on the outcome. Better way would be to construct clear objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable and targeted to the learner.

Inappropriate content

Often eLearning content is either too shallow and in some cases too complex for the learner to grasp. Either way, it increases dissatisfaction among learners or increases churn rates.

So the tip here is to tell practical or personal stories on Learning roadblocks and success path. Candid story will attract more attention and that will be met with overwhelming enthusiasm from your learners.

Too much to grasp in one go

Avoid overwhelming learners by dumping information in your eLearning course. Avert information deluge, by showcasing information in digestible chunks for the learners.

Apart from these rudimentary mistakes, they are still rampant:

  • Inappropriate use of media to present information
  • Unexplained terms and use of jargons
  • De-motivating assessment tests

Reality Check on eLearning

By avoiding the following eLearning blocks mentioned above, you can easily align your course objectives with the intended goals.  Once you grasp the learning principles and instructional design strategies, you are on your path to make block buster eLearning success stories.

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