E-learning in healthcare services

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Is your organisation looking for alternatives to offline training that will keep employees trained in their skills and competencies?

E-learning has made its mark in every field possible and healthcare is no different.  Today, e-learning is widely used to create high quality interactive learning experiences in healthcare training, pharmaceutical sales training, nurse’s continuing education and more.

Healthcare industry is in the forefront of using e-learning platforms and learning management systems (LMS) to enhance knowledge and performance of clinical or non-clinical workers. In today’s business environment, e-learning is helping many healthcare organisations save as high as 45 percent on compliance training and on continuing education.

So as a decision maker in a healthcare organization, are you leveraging e-learning to share, promote or transfer knowledge to your staff? If yes, what are the main challenges you faced during e-learning implementations? Let us know about them.

To other key employees in the healthcare industry who haven’t tried e-learning, we would like to know what’s holding you from e-learning. If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of e-learning in healthcare, then here’re few reasons worth considering.

Healthcare industry stands to benefit from e-learning in numerous ways. In this blog post I share few benefits of e-learning in healthcare.


Cost dictates the quality of operations in any industry and healthcare is no exception. E-learning reduces the cost of hiring, teaching personnel, materials, space, etc. The resources saved can be used to fulfill other business objectives.

Supplementary Learning experience

Most healthcare e-Learning modules use different learning media to teach healthcare professionals. Learners benefit from interactive computer simulations on surgical procedures, video on real-time surgeries and other virtual procedures. It gives doctors and nurses first-hand knowledge, without attending conventional courses.


Despite their busy hospital schedule, doctors or nurses are able to update their skills through e-learning training and education modules.

Tap the knowledge reservoir

E-learning opens new frontiers of knowledge base for healthcare professionals. For instance, doctors learn about new gadgets and recent breakthroughs by subscribing to e-learning lessons.

Customized Learning

Every individual is able to achieve the desired result by doing the course at their preferred pace. Fast learners are not hampered by the slow ones and vice versa.

Reduce tutor’s burden

E-learning reduces the pressure on the tutors and leaves them with ample time to concentrate on other pressing issues. Moreover, e-learning reduces the need for expensive, tedious and time consuming offline training needs.

Educate long-term patients

A well informed patient is the best help a doctor can get.  For long-term patients, e-learning helps in educating them about the illness and the course of treatments. E-learning helps the patient to co-operate with the doctor and help them understand the illness while teaching him not to panic during emergencies.

Build awareness

E-learning is the most effective tool in mass education. In case of an epidemic break-out or any national medical emergencies it is the most practical and fastest method of passing information to educate the public. It is not only cost-effective but the least time consuming medium of learning.

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