Creating your first eLearning course

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It is easy to want to create the best elearning courses for your learners. But like in any new venture, your first elearning course may turn to be either better or worse than what you expected it to be. Here’s what to watch out for:


The best in practice is to always keep in mind that learners would be actually learning an entire course with minimal or absolutely no human interference. When such is the scenario, the content that you put into course has to be crisp and to the point. Learning on any virtual device is practicable only if the course is content-worthy.


One can get carried away by the millions of options available for elearning, such as embedding videos, audio, external links, social networking, chat forums, etc. Analyse your target group carefully and use only those options that are meaningful to the course and will garner positive results from learners.

Learner Engagement:

Holding onto your learners’ attention throughout the course can be quite tasking. This is where you need to let your creative juices flow. Interactive learning, which includes assessments and activities, is a very effective way of making the course more engaging.


One of the areas experiencing fast-paced growth is the elearning industry. Newer technologies swiftly replace the old. Any first time course author would fumble a lot to choose the right vendor. This is natural and there is no need to get worked up over it. All that you need to do is keep the objectives of the course in my mind always and select the best in field that can provide you with the kind of course you want for learners. Expensive doesn’t always mean the best.


For a course that requires a lot of preparation and production work done, it is advisable to gather a niche team that will help achieve the target. You would need a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to create content as well as guide on learner habits. You would also need an Instructional Designer to visualise and help create the course, an Editor to ensure quality and error-free courses, a Tester to take care of bugs, and above all a Project Manager to get the team working in tandem and overseeing of the entire course creation.

If any of this seems highly daunting, it’s time you shelve all your worries and get going with the eLearning courses that you have in mind. Easy Authoring is available 24*7 to help you with all your elearning needs. With our very own dedicated team of experts, you can relax and watch your expected course materialise.

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