Is LMS optional or a must for Small to Medium businesses?

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Most small to medium sized businesses analyse deeply to see if they really need a Learning Management System (LMS), or not. Let’s see why most organisations shy away from investing in an LMS.

The chief concern of these organisations is the affordability. This is in terms of both funds and time. The priority for all small to medium organisations is to cut costs and increase workforce productivity. Traditionally, an LMS required putting together a team of software developers, graphics designers and content developers. These days the options are so varied that it is much simpler to source the LMS from a third party.

This is where organisations are more hesitant to commit to an LMS. Many LMS providers target their product towards large corporations and consequently demand steep prices. A high-cost LMS typically ranges from $50, 000 to $150, 000. Any small to medium business would be staggered by this price range. They would rather use their resources in other areas. Besides, the myth that an LMS is meant only for large organisations must be dissolved.

On the other hand, it is way more economical to go in for an LMS. Companies need not expend funds for trainers, designers, developers, etc. An LMS from a vendor who provides flexible options can provide the organisation whatever functionalities are needed at a less-than-anticipated fee.

For companies focused on growth, time is a great investment. Earlier, implementing an LMS took many months. However, there are many options now available wherein a completely customized LMS can be designed and installed within a matter of a few weeks. EasyAuthoring provides this convenience of easy and swift installation, thereby saving a lot of time for the buying company.

Many organisations also worry about course management and maintenance. They may need to alter courses later to suit the needs of each training group. Immediate support from the LMS provider may not be easily available if there are any issues with the software. But these are worries that organisations need no longer care about. EasyAuthoring provides excellent support to clients. Since each course is customized to suit the needs of the customer, the course can be easily managed with specialised options.

A complete LMS may be too much for small to medium business to handle. Many features may be useless for their purpose and there wouldn’t be a need for such features. When certain functionalities are not needed, these businesses can consider buying only the core functionality of an LMS and build upon the same with other features whenever needed.

LMS for Small Business – Way Forward

Any small to medium size business that wants to make ample use of funding in an effective way should definitely go in for an LMS. Workplace training becomes much simpler and more accessible to every trainee with the help of the LMS as it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime (if the company opts for making courses available to trainees online).

Rethinking LMS
There is no hurdle too high that cannot be overcome. The benefits of installing an LMS far outweigh the weaknesses. With the rate at which technology is advancing, LMS service providers are bringing in a lot of functionalities that eliminate the necessity of going in for external or alternate resources. For every query raised there is always a solution.

If you are planning to use LMS for your business , or if you seeking to improve productivity from LMS, then we have tailor-made solutions for you.

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