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Off late there’s lot of buzz about social learning among educators, learning professionals and business circles. Despite the buzz on this topic, there’s lot of confusion, ignorance and doubt pertaining to the term ‘Social Learning’. Hence, in this blog post we’ll share few basic tenants on social learning.

To understand social learning, let’s first understand about traditional learning.

In traditional learning, person acquires knowledge or skill through direct reinforcement. So, how is social learning different from our traditional/typical learning?

Social Learning is an extension of traditional learning. Here learning is not confined to direct inputs (teacher), but it includes learning from others or learning while conversing with others or learning through social networks. For example, via facebook, blogs, wikis, etc.

Origin of Social Learning
Social learning theory was first proposed by Albert Bandura, in 1977. According to him social learning has three basic concepts. They are:
#1 People can learn through observation
#2 Internal mental states are an essential part of this process
#3 Learning does not mean that it will result in a change in behavior

Is social learning a new concept?
No, social learning existed from the cave man era. Social learning happens when people learn from communities or groups or from peers. It occurs through social interactions – learning by conversing with peer groups and social groups.

What’s unique about social learning?
Social learning has wider implication in today’s socially connected world. Businesses or individuals can use social groups, platforms and social networks like Facebook, to learn, create, collaborate and learn informally.

How to apply social learning in your business?
Best part of social learning is that it opens new ways for people within the organization to share, learn and collaborate. You can use this concept to guide employee to quickly and easily learn through interactive Q&A or run polls or questions.

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